Release Calendar

These products are pre-sell items and have not been released by their manufacturers. The release dates are subject to change and Legacy Sports Cards is not responsible for any delays by the product manufacturer.
Release DateProduct Name
04/09/20142013/14 Panini Basketball Hobby Box
04/16/20142014 Marvel Universe Trading Cards (Rittenhouse) - Box   Pre-Order
04/16/2014Pacific Rim Trading Cards (Cryptozoic) - Box   Pre-Order
04/16/2014Pacific Rim Trading Cards (Cryptozoic) - Box   Pre-Order
04/17/20142013/14 In The Game (ITG) Between the Pipes Hockey Box   Pre-Order
04/23/20142013/14 Panini Intrigue Basketball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
04/23/20142014 Panini Prizm World Cup Soccer Hobby Box   Pre-Order
04/25/20142014 In The Game Past, Present, Future Baseball Box   Pre-Order
04/25/20142014 Leaf Trinity Football Hobby Box   Pre-Order
04/25/20142014 Leaf Valiant Football Hobby Box   Pre-Order
04/29/20142013 Topps Five Star Football Hobby Box   Pre-Order
04/29/2014Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards (Cryptozoic) - Box   Pre-Order
04/30/20142014 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
04/30/20142014 Bowman Baseball Jumbo (HTA) Box
05/07/20142013/14 Panini Crusade Basketball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
05/07/20142014 Topps UFC Knockout Hobby Box    Pre-Order
05/07/20142014 Upper Deck SP Game Used Golf Hobby Box
05/08/20142014 Tristar Signa Cuts Football Draft Choice Ed Box   Pre-Order
05/14/20142013/14 Panini Rookie Anthology   Pre-Order
05/14/20142014 Panini Prizm Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
05/14/20142014 Press Pass American Thunder Racing Hobby Box   Pre-Order
05/14/2014Game of Thrones Season 3 Trading Cards Box   Pre-Order
05/16/2014Yugioh Primal Origin 1st Edition Booster Box   Pre-Order
05/23/20142014 Topps Tier One Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
05/30/20142014 Leaf Best of Basketball   Pre-Order
05/30/20142014 Leaf Cal Ripken Ironman Signature Col Baseball Box   Pre-Order
05/30/20142014 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby 10 Box Case   Pre-Order
05/30/20142014 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
06/04/20142013/14 Panini Contenders Hockey Hobby Box
06/06/20142014 Topps Pro Debut Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
06/18/20142014 Bowman Inception Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
06/20/20142014 Bowman Football Hobby Box   Pre-Order
06/27/2014Konami Yu-Gi-Oh Realm of Light Structure Deck   Pre-Order
06/27/2014The Walking Dead Season 3: Part 1 (Cryptozoic) Box   Pre-Order
06/30/2014Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Series 2 Hobby Box (Topps 2014)   Pre-Order
07/09/20142014 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
07/18/20142014 Topps Baseball Factory Set - Hobby   Pre-Order
07/31/20142014 Marvel Premier (Upper Deck) Trading Card Box
08/01/20142014 Bowman Platinum Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
08/06/20142014 Topps Inception Football Hobby Box   Pre-Order
08/15/20142014 Topps Finest Baseball Hobby Box   Pre-Order
08/22/20142014 Topps Football Hobby Box   Pre-Order
08/22/20142014 Topps Football Jumbo HTA Box   Pre-Order
08/22/20142014 Topps MLS Chrome Soccer Box   Pre-Order
10/03/20142014 Topps Football Factory Set   Pre-Order