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Topps 75th Anniversary Trading Cards Box

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- Topps 75th is a one-of-a-kind celebration of our storied history

Topps 75th Anniversary Trading Cards Box

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Contains: 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

- Topps 75th is a one-of-a-kind celebration of our storied history


75 years, 116 moments in time
Topps 75th Anniversary Collection is a one-of-a-kind card collection featuring reproductions of 116 of the most memorable cards in the company's history.

From Bazooka Gum to Barack Obama
Subject matter spans the world of pop culture entertainment to major newsworthy events: from the rise of the Beatles to the fall of the beloved John F. Kennedy. From Garbage Pail Kids to Desert Storm ... and more!

A special anniversary return by Len Brown
Four decades of experience guided this carefully assembled product mix. As an added bonus, select card backs feature commentary from Browns tenure as Topps Creative Director.

Topps 75th is a collector's dream, covering more than 100 sets in one!

116 cards to collect!
- 100 Base cards
- 8 Mini cards
- 8 Test Issue cards

Multiple Tiers of Parallels
- Rainbow Foil (1 per pack)
- Diamond Anniversary (75 per subject)
- Modern Gloss (10 per subject)

Tremendous Hit content: 4 per Box!
- Pop Culture Autographs (3 per Box), including:
- Rainbow Foil Autographs (150 per subject)
- Diamond Anniversary Autographs (75 per subject)
- Stamped Original Buybacks (1 per Box)
- Printing Plates (400 total)
- Autographed Stamped Original Buybacks
- Cut Signatures

Every card in Topps 75th is a unique look back in time
- Base: 100 cards, each from a different set in Topps' history
- Mini Cards: 8 cards from historic mini-size Topps sets
- Test Issue: 8 cards from "Test Issue" Topps sets that were never released nationally

Topps 75th offers 3 tiers of base parallels with varying rarities
- Rainbow Foil (1 per pack): Full-card rainbow foil Base card parallels
- Diamond Anniversary (75 per subject): Diamond-foil parallel to celebrate Topps' 75th anniversary
- Modern Gloss (10 per subject): Modern gloss showcases what historic cards would look like today

Each box of 75th Anniversary cards contains 4 guaranteed hits!
- Autographs (3 per box): Over 24 different pop culture icons from iconic Topps card sets
- Stamped Originals (1 per box): Original trading cards, foil-stamped with Topps 75th logo

Topps 75th includes rare Autograph variants
- Rainbow Foil Autographs (150 per subject): Rainbow autograph variant cards
- Diamond Anniversary Autographs (75 per subject): Rare diamond anniversary autograph cards

Topps 75th includes rare on-card Autographs
- Autographed Stamped Originals: Foil-stamped original cards with on-card autos


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