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2017/18 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey Hobby Box

2017/18 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey Hobby Box


Configuration: 20 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

– Featuring On-Card Rookie Autographs!
– Find 1 Autograph inside Every Box!
– Featuring 7 Levels of Parallels, Producing Amazing High-Value Hits!
– Plus, grab Awesome Signature Hits from Superstars & Legends too!
– Collect A Multitude of Amazing Marquee Rookie Parallels!
– Rainbow, Violet Pixels, Red Prism, Royal Blue Cubes, Seismic Gold, Emerald Surge and the Highly Sought After Golden Treasures #’d just 1 of 1!
– HOBBY EXCLUSIVE: Find Orange Checkers Parallels numbered to a mere 25!
– Look for O-Pee-Chee Retro Cards Falling 6 Per Box!
– Ramping up a beloved design on Chromium stock!
– Sleek 100-card set!
– Featuring 3 Serial #’d Parallels and a Red Autograph Parallel!
– Grab Platinum Records, Destined For Glory & In Action Inserts – falling 3 per Box!
– Each featuring Hard Signed Autograph versions as well!

Box Break:
– 5 Rainbow Parallel Cards
– 6 O-Pee-Chee Retro Cards
– 2 Violet Pixel Parallel Cards
– 2 #’d Parallel Cards
– 1 Retro Rainbow Parallel Card
– 3 inserts
– 1 Hard Signed Autograph Card

2017/18 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey Hobby Box


Configuration: 1 pack per box. 4 cards per pack.

– Each pack contains 3 premium hits including a Rookie Autograph #’d to 399 or less on average.
– All autograph cards are hard-signed.
– Look for 1-of-1 Autographed Rookie Shields of some of the most sought after 2017-18 Rookies including Charlie McAvoy, Clayton Keller, Alex DeBrincat & Brock Boeser.
– Collect 2007-08 Retro Ultimate Rookie Autograph cards featuring this year’s rookie class on the throwback design!
– Ultimate Legends is back featuring many of the greatest players ever to play the game!
– NEW: The debut of Rookie Shield Tandems, each card limited to 2!
– NEW: Look for the ultra-rare redemption cards to be redeemed for a card personally inscribed by Connor McDavid!
– NEW: Grab Ultimate Legacy & Future Legacy Autographs numbered as low as 3!

Box Break
– A combination of (3) hard signed autos or memorabilia cards per pack.
– (1) Rookie auto or Rookie auto-material variation per box.

2016/17 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey Hobby Box

2016/17 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey Hobby Box


Configuration: 1 pack per box. 4 cards per pack.

– Reconfigured with a lower box price, but still delivering the huge hits collectors have come to love with Ultimate Collection.
– Each pack will contain 3 premium hits with one hit guaranteed to be a Rookie Autograph #’d to 299 or less.
– All autograph cards are hard-signed.
– Look for Autographed Rookie Shields, featuring arguably the biggest hits for this year’s crop of super rookies
– Look for one or more Rookie Autograph or Rookie Autograph Material #’d to 49 or less per inner case.
– Collectors will go crazy for the 2006-07 throwback Retro Rookie cards.
– Featuring Jersey, Autographs, Autographed Patch and Autographed Shield Variations.
– NEW! Look for Ultimate Introductions Rookie Cards featuring 50 top prospects from the 2016-17 rookie class.
– Look for the rare hobby exclusive Onyx Black Parallels #’d to 25.
– Look for a slew of high-end memorabilia inserts including signed versions and premium material parallels from inserts like: Ultimate Performers, Numeric Excellence, Keystone Fabrics and Signature Laureates

Box Break:
– 1 Hard Signed Rookie Autograph
– 1 Additional Autograph or Premium Material Card
– 1 Jersey Card
– 1 #’d Base or Ultimate Introduction Card

2015/16 Upper Deck Portfolio Hockey Hobby Box

2015/16 Upper Deck Portfolio Hockey Hobby Box


Configuration: 20 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

– 2015-16 UD Portfolio’s 364-Card Base Set is Loaded With an Array of Thematic Subsets!
– Featuring: Color Photos, Vintage-Style Wire Photos, Color Art & Black & White Art Inserts!
– Every 20-Pack Box Will Deliver A Combination of Two Hits From A Selection of Autograph & Memorabilia Cards!
– Find “At-Least” One Rare Autograph or Premium Memorabilia Card Per 8 Box Inner Shipper!
– Collect “XRC” Rookie Redemptions!
– Featuring 6 TBD Prospects From The 2016-17 Rookie Class!
– Find SP Game Used Rookie Update Cards!
– 36 All-New Athletes Numbered to Their Uniform!
– Look For Veteran Autographed Parallels of The Color Photo, Wire Photo, Color Art and Black & White Art Inserts, Found 2 Per Inner!
– Find Dual, Quad, and Six Piece Profile Material Inserts
– Featuring an Array of Premium Materials!

– 8 Rookie Color Photos
– 3 Rookie Wire Photos
– 2 Rookie Art Cards
– 3 Veteran Wire Photos
– 2 Veteran Art Cards
– 2 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards

2017/18 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Hobby Box


Configuration: 1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack.


– 100% hard signed autographs and the finest patch cards of the 2017.18 season!
– Look for a selection of up to 45 different Acetate Rookie Premier Auto Patch cards #’d to 299 or less (including platinum blue parallels #’d to 5), featuring an over-sized swatch on acetate stock.
– Grab Premier Mega Patches (patch measuring up to 1.75″ x 2.75′) including Chest Logos, Sleeve Numbers, Shoulder Logos, and ultra-rare Commemorative Logos.
– Find an array of hard-signed autograph inserts including Signature Champions (#’d to 99 or less), Inked Script (featuring inscriptions, #’d of 99 or less) and the all new Magnificent Marks!!!
– NEW! Mega Goalie Pads featuring a jumbo swatch of premium leather goalie pad and #’d to 10.
– NEW! Premier Dual Signature Booklets featuring two jumbo signatures from the top players both past and present!
– NEW! NHL Legendary Sticks featuring jumbo game used stick relics from some of the most legendary Hall of Famers!


– (1) Rookie auto patch
– (4) Additional auto or memorabilia hits.
– (2) base star or legend cards